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Re: What's up at the OpenDocument Foundation?

Posted by: Kevin Cave on November 10, 2007 12:31 AM
Greetings, I'd like to ask you a few questions then...

1) Are you really going to wind down the "Foundation"?
2) How are you going to address the fact that Microsoft's Office products produce proprietary formats? What about the "BIFF" format which will still be embedded in OOXML?... How is anything you do with CDF going to cope with the still-proprietary format there, and how will anything you do with CDF be able to produce a truly Open format which any program will be able to open and display the document precisely in the manner in which it was presented in another product?
3) Do YOU think Microsoft really /wants/ any other product to be able to read, display, and save data in a manner which allows the other products to seamlessly interoperate with Microsoft's products, OR vice versa?
4) In my article on my web site, I criticised the /foundation/ for diluting the "ODF" acronym, and for also allowing mainstream media to create FUD-laden articles about the Open Document Format - do you agree with my analysis, and if not, why not?


Kevin Cave.


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