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Re(2): Joe, you have a crucial error

Posted by: Jeremy Akers on November 09, 2007 07:40 PM
Well, lets put some logic behind this:

If I open a document in KOffice, save it, open it in OpenOffice, and save it, and the document loses data from KOffice, then -someone- isn't following the ODF standard. IE: Someone is saving data that is not supposed to be there.

Switching to CDF is not the answer. The answer is to force applications to comply with the ODF standard. If there's some feature missing from ODF that many different applications need, then add that feature to ODF. But don't add it by forcing applications to treat unknown data like it's supposed to be there. All that does is encourage developers/vendors to embed proprietary bits into an otherwise open format. If you want to add a feature to the format, add the feature to the format. Don't just go, "Ok, here's the features of the format, and oh yeah, if you see extra stuff that's not supposed to be there, treat it like it should stay there." That's stupid.




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