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Linux Mint 3.1 is not especially refreshing

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 09, 2007 03:15 PM
I seriously have to disagree with you on that. Mint is on a way higher level than any of the other distros I have ever tried. Even more than it's parent, Ubuntu at times. It is better setup for newbies and power users alike. You want multiple virtual desktops; Just right click and add it. You do not like the theme, just select or install another one. There is an appearance menu where you can change all that.
Min is very upto date. Just look at sysnaptic. PS: Mint 3.1 was an older release. Have you looked at the 4.0 beta.. Simply incredible. That is what I use now. It is more bloated than say Zenwalk or vector linux or arch, but as fast as the rest. linux mint 4.0 xfce edition beta is simply wonderful to work with. You can choose to install gnome and kde from it if you choose to..


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