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Linux Mint 3.1 is not especially refreshing

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 09, 2007 01:55 PM
First of all, I prefer the new Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsty Gibbon but you should understand. This article is late and Celena is based on the last version of Ubuntu (Feisty).

The article wasn't bad but is just seems an unfair comparison.

I would note that for the first time I slightly prefer Gnome. Yet, that doesn't matter.

I also like the fancy Mint menu at first. Now I prefer the stock Ubuntu gnome menu.

You get what was put forth with Mint Celena. 32 bit and codec installed. Some may prefer that.

While for some strange reason we are not supposed to state what we think is the best, I say go for Gusty and add what ever you need to get exactly what you want it to be. It is markedly better than "Edgy" or "Feisty" as they somewhat lived up to their name. Which I did not like one bit. Gusty seems to be taking the world by storm. :) No, nothings perfect. Gusty is the closest "desktop" software system to it. Especially now with the first set of current and free upgrades to it.


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