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Re(1): What's up at the OpenDocument Foundation?

Posted by: swhiser on November 09, 2007 01:30 AM

One of our issues with ODF -- a show-stopper, in fact -- is that there's no compliance testing suite. What's with that? How can you be about interoperability if it is not seamless | brainless | frictionless to implement, re-implement and implement all over again the format in any possible application? What does that tell you about the objectives of Sun & IBM? I'll answer that: they either want to own the MS-alternative office application space or they do not believe that office productivity apps are being commoditized or commoditizable (by the Office 2.0 gang) ... or both. Our position is driven by enterprise CIOs, who reject both propostions vehemently.

W3C has a rigorous testing regime for CDF -- the CDR.

Got Compliance?

To answer your question: CDF will be the Universal Document Format and every word-processor or office productivity suite module will be an equal-opportunity-interface. MS Office,, Zoho, Buzzword, Gdocs, Abiword, KOffice, and some we've never heard of -- will all participate. If they elect not to, then they will possibly experience user-erosion...I don't really care what happens to them because I don't see any of them NOT participating.

How do we get there? I wish we were there 12 months ago. But we are thinking hard about how to do this.


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