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Re: When open source projects close the process, something's wrong

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 08, 2007 09:48 PM
Well until I read your post I did not know the name of the person who wrote this insightful article. I have never met, talked to, or probably reside in the same country as the author of this article. Are you and the people bemoaning this article KDE/GIMP developers or friends of them?

What is pissing some people off is that it is the first article to point to the massive flatulent elephant in the corner. You CAN chose to ignore it, but you will find that some people will not use Linux because no one is doing anything about it. Linux needs many more articles like this. I am currently on OSX and dissatisfied with the direction of Apple. I will be switching. Is Linux capable of running the tools I need? No it is not, and never will be while ignorant people keep their heads in the sand about the flaws of Linux. The arrogance of developers is at the centre of this Linux flaw. If they believe their barely adequate work is equal to the best in the world then they will continue to produce rubbish and then never improve the code. Here is a BIG tip. Worldwide, Linux is almost capable of eating Apples share of computer use and mindset. It would only take the creation of a full suite of tools for niche jobs like artist (bitmap/raster and vector), animator (web and movie/tv), DTP (roll on Xara), music sequencing, music sampling/editing, CAD and a few other areas, and Linux would be the first choice for millions more. Bring the artists, and art students and art hopefuls will follow. This happened on Mac and Amiga. Apple is in a vulnerable place at the moment. Apple is selling very well in USA, but sales are still falling in every other country. What happens when Linux appeals to a wider range of people with good niche tools? The short answer is that Linux becomes the No2 platform. Linux is not competing with windows. People happy with windows will stay with windows. Linux is competing with Apple. There is something to be said for being at No2 instead of a pathetic No3. Half the people who buy Apple hardware for the first time do so because they want something that has the tools and is not tied to windows. These people are sick of windows. If you offer more than Open Office and Firefox (the 2 programs that are good replacements) these people are less likely to buy a Mac, and more likely to buy a pre installed Linux machine. In my experience there are at least 25% of all users not happy with using windows. For now, one third of them switch to the only viable alternative (OSX), and the other two thirds suffer on with windows. So who is the better blogger? The one who is happy to keep things as they are and promote the platform as complete when it is not (no tools, no platform), or the blogger who gives the community a long overdue wakeup call? I can tell you that if this blog entry falls on deaf ears, any Linux person trying to convince me in the future that Linux is the platform I should be using... will also fall on deaf ears.


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