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Re: Freedom or pablum?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 08, 2007 05:51 PM
Of all the "journalists" on this site (or anywhere else, really), you
are the most biased, tinhat wearing, FUDspreading, whining, sniveling
author around. You present misleading and slanted information on a
regular basis so who the hell are YOU to use words like "distortion,
omissions, and disinformation"? With journalism comes a degree of
responsibility as well, and there are many true journalists who you
could learn from.

It's bad enough that you write crap like this, but at least have the
nads to take criticism when it's due. You presented half a story (as
per usual on this site lately), and got busted for it. Your fanboyism
is annoying at best and a little scary at worst but, over all people
like you and your hysterical zealous rants are part of what keep open
source from being taken seriously.

Keep your petty blog-worthy rants off this site and maybe
would get taken seriously as a real place to go for news instead of a
bunch of fanboys sitting around patting each other on the back. This
site used to be useful and full of good information. Now it's nothing
but a pit of negative, whining, crap studded with the occasional
informative or helpful article. It's been harder and harder to find a
reason to come back here when there's so much better, and less
wheedling, information to be had elsewhere.

I can't stomach this crap anymore, it's not worth sifting through shit
like this to get meaningful information or interact with other FOSS
users. If I want forum-worthy fodder, I'll hang out on Slashdot. It's
not about disagreeing. Friendly disagreement among enthusiasts is
common and even useful. At the point where a sermonizing "commentator"
browbeats its readers for DARING to have a different opinion on a
clearly biased story (again, as so many stories are these
days), I know it's time to leave. In an effort to keep people new to
the community from thinking everyone is like you and some of the other
authors here, I'll be sure to share my opinion of with
anyone who will listen, and actively steer people away from here. I
want Linux to survive and thrive. I can't say I want the same thing
for in it's current state.

That's "what's wrong with", since you asked.


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