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How is this better than Synaptic?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 08, 2007 11:04 AM
How is this better than the existing package manager on any system? "Smart" solution of dependencies is already looked after by every native package manager (urpmi, apt, yum, ...). Granted the same interface on different distributions is nice, but is that worth it considering the risk involved.

> Smart Package Manager works with all major distributions, replacing native tools and installing different types of packages."

Ouch! It replaces the distribution's own package manager? Would I be correct in saying this is an irreversible way to make your system completely unsupportable by the original distribution vendors? Can you easily undo this when you realise what a mess you've made?

To someone who understands package managers, switching from one to another when you switch distribution is not hard and if you don't understand package managers, you really shouldn't be considering replacing yours.


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