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The Ubuntu Problem my e-mial is

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 08, 2007 01:50 AM
I have a Ubuntu Problem. Actually I have two but one of them does not have to do with this. The first problem is that my customers prefer PCLinuxOS or a KDE interface to Ubuntu's Gnome because it's more Windows Like and besides that PCLinuxOS just installs packages better in the synaptic. So what is the problem? I decided to be nice and not badmouth Ubuntu like a good Linux Community member and try to participate in the global spread of Linux. Ubuntu's LoCo site interested me and I wanted to start one. It said all they were interested in was promoting Linux. So I joined and they told me to get lost. I asked them why and they said because you can't support Ubuntu and another distro at the same time! I thought about this and wondered why Isn't Ubuntu open to the support of other distros in one united effort? So then I decided to ask them in their LoCo mailing list. One person spoke up above the rest and said that this was completly wrong what they told me. Otheres quickly chimed in and told me to get lost. Then the fist guy who was nice and told me it was wrong said that he was mistaken because there were others higher up that had other intentions. Now the Ubuntu LoCo community is forming an administration to run the thing and is asking for donations. They tell the rest of us to join a LUG. They said that "Other distros cause confusion becaues Ubuntu is the simpelest to use". Even if they are right who made them the judge over the entire Linux community?


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