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Re: You guys are talking about nothing

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 07, 2007 08:53 PM
Well considering I have been doing art on computers for so long that I was called a "print maker" by fellow artists for the first couple of years after I had switched to using computers, and Photoshop had not had one line of code written, I find there is an issue when the GIMP people (I am being generous with that word) refuse to even talk with me at any level when I have tried on two occasions, and the GIMP UI people on one occasion, when I have tried explaining my experience and/or discussing toolset and UI improvements.

I have helped with the development of one commercial art program in the past, and I have friends who are currently Windows programmers. I know how to talk to most programmers. With the GIMP team, you have a level of arrogance only matched by GW Bush. This is an apt comparison because GW seems to be on holiday almost as much as the GIMP team. No discernible progress in a decade is a pretty poor record. My guess is that some fool gave the GIMP team mirrors and now they spend all day every day with the person they care most about in this world.


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