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Where facts don't meet preconceptions, blame the journalist

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 07, 2007 10:33 AM

Let us read what the blog says...

We have always tried to keep Oxygen icons only on SVN, we asked people using them here in there to kindly remove in name of the freshness of upcoming KDE 4. But we knew that in the end, scripts, rip-offs etc were impossible to control.

Yes, "in [the] name of the freshness"! The thing is that if you're collaborating with others, which you do automatically when producing Free Software/Art/Content, you can't insist on a total experience, Apple-style, maintaining "the freshness" so that consumers get herded around from one pen to the next with their jaws wide open purring about how sensory it all is. And using terms like "rip-off" is totally inappropriate unless the people redistributing the work have failed to uphold their obligations under the licence; to do so fails to distinguish between the legitimate rights of others as granted by the owners of the work and the rights of the owners themselves: a tactic straight out of the proprietary content industry's public relations manual.


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