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Will Open source go the way of communism?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 06, 2007 07:17 PM
Human nature will always override as we live in a world of capitalism, which places money first everything else second.

Anonymous posted about BitTorrent, trixbox, Nessus how totally true, once the authors see the demand they quickly stop the supply of software and start asking money for it. This is a gradual phase though, which starts with ridiculous demands for the outside developers and users to start jumping through ever more intricate hoops and loops.

Its a kind of subtle warning, to start forking the code right their and then! Once people see someone else throwing the hoops and loops in the bin, just doing what needs to be done on the other side of the proverbial fence, people start to rebel and before you know it, the fork is thriving and buzzing with activity!

This wont apply to gimp, the UI sucked when i first used it 5 years ago and it still seriously sucks 5 years later because it was written to be used by only 5 people in the whole world. Everyone else is just their for the ride. The secret strategy with gimp was to make it suck so badly no one wants to fork it.

Nessus forked to OpenVAS
Bittorrent forked to Azureus/Ktorrent etc....
trixbox forked to ????? :-(


As for the oxygen icons, when i finally download and get KDE 4.0 installed. I will rm every trace of oxygen-icons from my system. Then i will make a script and rm it from every system that i administrate when 4.0 becomes mainstream.

No such luck with gimp though, as i must use this awesome program when i need to do some photo editing ;-).


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