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You had me, you lost me

Posted by: Kurt Pfeifle on November 06, 2007 02:53 PM


when I read your point of view, you nearly had me to come around and think "The guy is right."

(I little bit I also was disturbed: disturbed about your attitude. You are a journalist, right? You have never released a piece of self-written code to the public [shell scripts I won't let count], right? So how come you do dare to attempt in an extremely scholarly, arrogant, from-above way to teach real Open Source developers about Open Source traditions and methods ?!?)

Then I went and read the blogs you were refering to. The picture changed. The Oxygen guys are completely right. You are not. You mis-represented them and their attitude.

You are a journalist, right?

Well, in the future I'll consume, not with 1, but with 10 grains of salt, whatever I read penned by you. You did yourself a dis-service with that piece. (Your publisher may be pleased with the surge of additional hits you created with your utterings. Was that the main intention? If so, don't use that recipe too often. It won't work any more after a few repetitions....)


Kurt Pfeifle


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