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Depleted Oxygen

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 05, 2007 12:12 PM
I note all the talk about "respect" and how it isn't about the licence (cluebolt: it has everything to do with the licence), but it seems to me that the Oxygen people have always been obsessed with self-image and controlling the delivery of their product, with regular blog postings telling everyone how cool they are well before the icons made it into KDE's repository. Now, the icons are certainly very nice, and they may be cool people in certain ways, but upon releasing their stuff under a licence acceptable to the KDE project, they have to accept that people will be able to use that stuff in any way compatible with that licence. You can't have the exposure that being part of KDE is all about while at the very same time controlling in minute detail what people do with the work, and KDE isn't some promotional vehicle in the style of some 1980s demo scene where everyone has to worship your superior skills and tiptoe carefully around various egos and dubious, unstated licensing: it's a common endeavour regulated by adherence to Free Software licences. If the Oxygen people want to play well with KDE but don't want others to make "fake" themes, they should have thought about trademark and trademark licensing. How well that plays within other projects (eg. Debian) is, however, another issue.


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