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Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 05, 2007 05:21 AM
I make long documents of about 500 pages, comprising meticulous formatting of data in tables that may easily stretch several hundred pages. Included are about 50 or 100 JPGs in a document of that size.

I would dearly love to use OO, but for the past several years OO has stood still in terms of vertical (not horizontal) centering, whether in a cell, a page, or a document. Yes, you can achieve the task, but take a look-see in an OO manual about how you would go about it. In Word, it is as easy to select for vertical centering as it is for horizontal centering. I use this all the time, and I don't want to fool around setting anything up for that eventuality -- it would simply be very, very impractical to have to do that. And so this seemingly tiny annoyance (it's really a huge annoyance) keeps me in Word.

-- WHICH Word, you ask. Well, I have 2000, 2003, and 2007 at my disposal, and I know them all. I use XP by choice over Vista, but both of those are at my disposal too. However, my main machine has an old, tight L2 cache, and whether that is the reason I don't know, but Word 2003 crashes several times an hour. Word 2007 is comparatively slow until I set up my own toolbar--but then what I have is an inferior toolbar to the ones in the former versions. Also, Word 2007 has gone off daydreaming all by itself with its x-rated doc format, which suggests the regrettable 98-2003 format is best--but as a compensatory "compatibility mode" thing? I don't think so.

-- So, you guessed it, to stay light-weight and get the job done, I'm right back in Word 2000. I would prefer 2003, but for the above constraints.

And, project by project, I keep looking at OO Writer and hoping someday it might be able to carry out a simple vertical centering one-press command. I've asked for it, but no one seemed to care.

It's like wishing that Open Office had a name, like Coca-Cola or Microsoft Word or WalMart. Those companies seemed to think their names were kind of helpful to business. What is OpenOffice dot Org? That's not a name; that's a website. Come ON, fellahs!
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