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When open source projects close the process, something's wrong

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 04, 2007 08:04 PM
I've tried quite a few distros over the years and I've found them all to be sorely lacking in one way or another. Sure the software is free, but so what, what's the point when I had to spend many frustrating hours trying to sort out problems that should have been fixed since the previous release. I'm sick of beta phase software being rolled out into the next release, and the next release, etc, etc. I wanted to like Linux, I really did, but I have grown to hate it more and more. I'm sick to death of me-too bloggers recounting how they've switched from Windows (usually to Ubuntu, and by the way I think that's a horrible name for a distro) and couln't be happier. I wonder how long 'till they switch back? I hope I never see the day with Linux on the desktop. I'm using Windows XP and my computing experience with it has been much, much better than what I had when I tried to use Linux. Why with so many thousands of talented coders are things such a mess - for example one distro I tried could read and write to my NTFS partitions, another distro couldn't. I installed two different versions of Fedora (one only recently) and my display under both versions was shifted about half an inch to the left, this meant I had to mess around with XVidTune, and paste the ouput into XOrg.conf and hope I hadn't messed things up. I never had to do anything like that with Windows XP when I installed it for myself or others. The OS and the software is free, but you pay with your time and frustration.


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