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Re: When open source projects close the process, something's wrong

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 04, 2007 06:49 PM

Can't argue with anything you said, it's all correct. But I got the sense from the author that this potential contributor was being turned away before finding out what his contribution even was, and that could discourage potential contributors who could do a lot for Gimp and other projects as well. Maybe they need to set up a page explaining what's the best way to help? Or what qualifications the potential contributor should have? Actually this brings up an interesting line of thought, open source projects posting online job ad-style `jobs' on their site, seeking volunteer contributors e.g.:

Looking for coder to implement CMYK in Gimp. Must have experience in C and GDI, Cairo and OpenGL [& other technologies]. Experience of 2 yrs working in a software company is preferred. Must collaborate well with others online. If you think you are qualified, send us a technical spec, maximum 5 pages (A4, Times 12pt), explaining how you would go about the task. Compensation: the satisfaction of working on an open source project like the Gimp, reputation in the software (esp. paint software) industry. Contact us now!


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