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When open source projects close the process, something's wrong

Posted by: gnulinuxgeek on November 04, 2007 02:04 PM

I read the original post and some of the comments, and thought I might throw my $.02 in.

All Open Source developers are a bit visionary and to a degree a zealots. Everyone is protective of the "pet" project.

What makes me an expert? I do not consider myself an expert at anything because can always find someone that knows more about stuff than I do.

I do have a little expertise in the area of volunteer work though. I have been a Cubmaster for a Scout Pack for around 7 years. All my Leaders and parents are volunteers without exception. So this experience has enlightened me to a degree on visionaries and zealots.

Over the years the Pack holds events that require a "chairperson" to organize things. Some events are large enough to require two "chairs". Many of the largest disagreements we have are about these events. If everyone keeps their cool, the only thing that happens is that another person jumps at volunteering for the next event. If they don't keep their cool, we lose volunteers, parents, and unfortunately Cub Scouts. As a Cubmaster I spend a lot of time trying to "settle" things so we don't lose Scouts.

It really boils down to the act of volunteering. If you care enough to spend some of the precious time here on planet Earth taking on work for no pay, then you are probably convinced of the value of that work. What you volunteer for is not the issue. Scouting or Software writing, it is all the same. Both are done out of the goodness of someones heart. That goodness is what makes the difference.

So, while the persons working on the release set of icons for KDE 4 have their "baby" and will be protective of their "vision", the person trying to make a new set of icons in a theme for KDE 4 may have a different vision of how the icons should/can look but, is still doing the work as a volunteer.

As the new theme should be considered benign intervention, I don't see an issue. Having typed that, I can see that the KDE developers would like to get the original set out first and don't want them "improved" just yet.

Truthfully, this whole thing shouldn't even be an argument. Let the dust settle and go on with the good work. Keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole.

If you think things are made difficult with volunteers, try getting a lot of things done without them.

Still volunteering after all these years,



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