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Fedora struggles with harm reduction via Codec Buddy

Posted by: lsatenstein on November 02, 2007 12:08 AM
There are at least two web sites (livna, and freshrpms) and perhaps others, where free codecs are obtainable. My concern is that codecbuddy may interfere with ones obtainable for free from these two websites.

Since UBUNTU has no problem in pointing to a site or two which provides free codec access, then Fedora should confer with their own lawyers to confirm that what UBUNTU is doing can legally and without liability, be done by Fedora. If the answer is yes, If UBUNTU is providing the codecs legally, Fedora should do likewise. >p>

Another way around the problem could be to recommend a Google search for "free codecs", and to have that google search result contain the links to the free sites.


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