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I thought mama sang base and daddy sang tennor?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 29, 2007 07:53 PM
Perhaps only with his back to the wall against the fernace with his shirt tail on fire. I was thinking how more features for linux based cell phones mite make them more attractive to phone line service providers. ABS, ignition, suspension programs could be written so a linux based cell phone could connect using a usb to a vehicle to provide monitoring and redundant back up of opperational features if only for recreational, custom or racing vehicles. Some motorcycles need a little help with the battery on cold starts. The usb connector could charge cell phones as well, suggesting cell phone us usb as a universal connector.It then occured to me that a car would need a usb port and then it occured to me that it would have to be either male or female. At this point it seems reasonable that a hardware standard be established that makes a universal asexual connector, either back to back usb or a new connector possessing duality. With enough features and no one to claim the little lamb lost in the woods, a standard audio codec could be used to access coustom features over a basic moble phone service. A usb flash drive, probably allready available could be used as a conversion interface allowing a person to connect video or cammera flash to the usb stick so a PC need only a usb connector rather than a host of dissimilar connections. If the usb stick had wireless capacity then all these periferals could be networked.


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