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Re: Attention whore

Posted by: Zerias on October 26, 2007 06:37 PM
Someone else beat me to it. But you apparently never have listened to Rush if you honestly believe what you said. I can't speak for Ann Coulter, I've never read any of her stuff or listened to her enough to have a valid opinion... but I do know this: 41 Senators outright lied in a document sent to Clear Channel and pretended what they thought was the truth. And nobody in AP, NBC, CBS, or ABC dared to call them on the lies. When your opposition has to resort to blatant fabrication in order to attack you? Somethings wrong. Sound familiar? Try it's a tactic used by Microsoft. Let me spell it out for you even more clearly. Hillary Clinton is sponsored by the RIAA and MPAA, the two media organizations on a rampage to remove user rights and user freedoms. The RIAA and MPAA work together closely with Microsoft and Intel Corporation to remove user freedoms, examples being Windows Media Audio and it's Janus platform; The Palladium technology with "Trusted Platform Module; HDCP which removes user control over video and audio content; EFI which is the Extensible Firmware Interface that is used to lock consumers out of their computers; not even thinking about the original BIOS which is less than clearly defined in operation.

Get this through your head. Liberals and Democrats are the enemies to Open Source and Open Licensed Programs Democrats and Liberals do NOT Believe in personal freedoms, or freedoms at all. They believe in socialism and removing end consumers rights. I do not hold to that. If you honestly think that a Liberal Democrat has your interests in mind as a Linux user or a supporter of freedom? You are either A: Seriously Deluded, or B: Brain Damaged

Now, you may not like Rush Limbaugh, and you may like Ann Coulter. You may not like Michael Reagon or Michael Savage. You may loathe Neal Boortz. What you don't really have an option to is that these are the people who ARE your friends. They are the ones calling the socialists for what they are. They are the ones who are not letting Liberal Democrats get away with their lies. They are the one who CONFRONT those who Confront them.

Somewhere you got the opinion that Rush ducks when somebody confronts him. I don't think so. With that opinion I know you have never listened to his show, at all. When somebody confronts him, Rush is known for hauling out a flamethrower and hanging with the best UseNet ever produced. However, you never see the rebuttals reposted. Why? Read back up and figure out exactly who the AP, ABC, CBS, and NBC are affiliated with and who owns them. It isn't Rocket Science. It's 2+2 math.


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