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Not outstanding... getting worse

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 26, 2007 05:39 PM
Is it my imagination or is this distribution getting worse with each new release? 5.10 rocked but everything since has been a disappointment. Tried 7.10 but installer hung under qemu and on my Dell 620 laptop. Googling eventually got it going on qemu but I never did get an image on my D620. OTOH, I was successful at overwriting a perfectly good and trouble free Fedora 6 install with 7.10 on my wife's laptop... much to her aggravation. Now her desktop locks up several times a day for no apparent reason and the wireless setup won't remember our ssid or wep key between boots. Tried the new user switch panel applet but it seg faulted and crashed several gnome services. Did anybody test this stuff?

7.10 looked impressive on paper, but it's useless to me if it won't install on qemu and commodity hardware without guru intervention and isn't stable once it does get on the machine. Unfortunately all the hype about Ubuntu as a 'doze alternative is likely give the struggling Linux desktop yet another kick in the pants when new users who expect it to be the "best of breed" end up falling over all this untested stuff.

I'll try 8.04 but my expectations won't be very high. In the meantime it's back to Fedoraland... my wife wants her FC6 desktop back.


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