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Grown-up ...

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 26, 2007 12:26 AM
I would like to respond to the statement "Aren't we all supposed to be grown-up journalists, or bloggers, or whatever? Aren't Linux and Free Software supposed to be about love and harmony and making the world a better place? Can't we, please, smile on our brother, everybody love one another, right now?"

This statement while expressing a laudable wish, rather unfortunately puts mr. Lyons and mrs. Pamela Jones on the same level.

I'm afraid that this, while again laudable in its attempt to pour oil on troubled waters, does not do justice to the facts underlying the controversy. Looking back at mr. Lyons publications, and those of mrs. Pamela Jones, I cannot escape the distinct impression that mrs. Jone was completely right in her assessment of mr. Lyons, and that mr. Lyons was wrong.

Wrong in his facts. Wrong in the way he presented them. Ethically wrong in refusing to acknowledge help. And finally wrong in refusing to apologise after having been proven wrong.

I know ... it's hard to come to such a conclusion when you have no idea of what actually happened, and say something like "Ah well ... the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Let's all forget about what happened and go our merry way".

When you take the time to dig, and when you take the trouble to actually read what mr. Lyons wrote and what later proved to be the case the conclusion that mr. Lyons was in the strongly presents itself.

Perhaps I can cite mrs. Pamela Jones when she responds to the idea that she was being unfair to mr. Lyons.

You're being unfair to Lyons
Authored by: PJ on Friday, September 21 2007 @ 04:59 PM EDT
You are assuming he is sincere and not just
worried about his reputation. He didn't just
"poke fun" at Groklaw. He aimed his SUV at
us and tried to mow us down, so to speak. He
started that whole PJ is not what she seems blarney,
based on what? He and I had spoken and emailed
for months. None of the evidence I provided him
back in 2003-4 ever appeared in any of his articles.
Instead he mocked me and us and tried to get others to
think badly of us.

He still is, with the "nerds" and "amateur sleuths"
junk. I am not an amateur sleuth. I've done legal
research as my profession for some time. And
Groklaw is made up of CEOs and managers of projects
and lawyers and programmers. Linus is a member
of Groklaw. Is he an amateur? If so, I'd like to
be one. How dare he denigrate
our work, even *after* we are proven right. How
dare you accuse me falsely, by the way.

Any damage to his reputation he did to himself.
I tried very sincerely to help him and so did
others, including Linus. He chose his course and
now he must live with it until he apologizes
to me personally for smearing me and damaging my
good name, which is precious to me. When people
are really sorry, they try to make amends, and
that is what I'm waiting for. That Attack of the
Blogs article damaged my good name unjustly.
ANd that article was never corrected, even after
an internet journalists' organization wrote to
Forbes and gave them proof the article was factually
in error.

IF he is sorry, he should fix that so there isn't
eternal damage done by the article which is still
out there, still doing damage.


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