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Re(2): Ubuntu 7.10 is outstanding

Posted by: jlacroix on October 25, 2007 09:54 PM
No offense, but I still stand by my opinion. Ditching a distro for something as silly as having to reboot to install a driver (which you only have to do once, for crying out loud) is just plain silly.

Ubuntu isn't importing Windows flaws. Windows needs to be rebooted after almost every update, and it reminds you every five minutes. Ubuntu is nowhere near like that, the only other time it needs to be rebooted is when the kernel is changed, in which case you'd have to reboot regardless of what distro you're using.

As far as "getting things done", when you're installing hardware in your computer, especially a video card, you shouldn't be working on any productivity items anyway, so rebooting shouldn't be an issue.


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