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shark atop an elephant - next big app?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 22, 2007 09:59 PM
I would like to see a menu item on a brouser tool bar say under tools that mite say ream or paper or pad. When clicked on it would turn the brouser page into a blank ream of paper that could be navigated using a 4 directional fwd, back, up, down arrows. At first it would accept text example: Type title on the first page arrow down to next page and type table of contents arrow down to begin first page then arrow down to next page etc.. On any given page or using a fwd, or back arrow after clicking on a highlighted table of contents item, a sibling page is available to begin that topic. Revisions to the page could be made using another sibling. Siblings would be a circular queue allowing one to set the virsion number for banch traversal top to bottom of the prefered eddition. Widgits could be added to accomodate the following; Drag and drop any content pictures vidio audio onto a given brouser page. The entire tree is placed in home unless otherwise specified and given an index number unless titled. On could provide features that allow the mouse to size boxes to place text images or vidio into as a format editing feature.- Once this functionality is in place mash up type applications could collect local resturant menues. Since the application is allready formated as a brouser page one could send the labled tree to a host as a web site. Any assortment of collections aswell features that dynamicaly update content through rss feeds or links could be used to list videos and sort them by use and stare time as the most popular using linklist type sorting between pages. Maps could be colected that drill down as one traverses the tree to show events, cousine, topic identified content.


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