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Re: Linspire 6: Two steps back

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 20, 2007 04:23 AM
The point the other article this piece refers to was missed. The main point, from what I could tell, had a lot to do with the price tag along with the quality of Linspire. $50 is not a huge drop in the bucket, but compare Linspire to the totally-free version of Mandriva (Free or One) and/or Sabayon and people would want to strangle someone/something because they basically wasted their money for similar functionality (minus the proprietary Windows stuff and their indemnity). What does Linspire offer over it's free counterpart Freespire? Or Linux Mint? Or Sabayon? Without sounding redundant, other than the MS-specific stuff, you can find the same programs with any of the distro's listed above for free as you could the $50 version of Linspire. I'm not sold on the "Linspire is a better Ubuntu and Ubuntu" thing either. I just installed 7.10 and have every piece of my hardware detected and running flawlessly. The Linux community is angered because a company can take something totally free, polish it up and brand it, then turn around and sell it to customers with some sort of protection against IP lawsuits. Thank the Lord for GPLv3.


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