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Absolutely hilarious!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 19, 2007 09:58 PM
You are all whining because a company that pays real people's salaries refuses to post the heart of its 'company jewels' out in the open so that its competitors can see how a quality piece of software does what they do, even though they have enabled its use on your platform? As long as the open source community says in effect, "We want you to give us everything so you can go out of business in order to make us happy," you will always be second-rate. First-rate people try to see the viewpoints of everyone involved, and create the best product they can while taking those considerations into account. You have (?) a chance to make a free version of one of the best drawing programs, and in effect you say "No thanks, and by the way, you are a jerk for attempting to work with us."

The companies above that are stated to be great open-source companies are using their open-source projects to lure people to their PAYING products.

Plant your feet in reality before floating your head in the sky.


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