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Re(2): Linux distro for BLACKS?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 19, 2007 01:10 PM
The answer is "sure". Would I use it? Probably not, I'm not black. But if there was a group that felt there was a need, what would be the problem with it?

Freedom of association, people. You can associate with whom you want, including creating a distro JUST FOR YOU. If I feel like creating a distro just for a people in my family, I have that right. Would I create a distro for a Nazi group? Or a Socialist group? Nope, I'm not either of those, why would I?

Nobody's asking you to create a distro for blacks, are they? I'd be pretty surprised if anyone did. I think if a group has a need/want for it, they'll create it. So define what you mean by "support". Would I stand in the way of its creation? Nope, that's stupid. Would I fund it? Probably not, why would I? I have no interest in it. Would I use it? [see above].

Your question suggests racism or sexism. It's not that type of question. But it's not a question I need to worry about.


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