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Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 18, 2007 10:53 PM
I know a teacher that has proprietary software made available to aid their teaching efforts. Yet, like many job realated activities, unless reqired, is enough like work to become deprioritized and hopfully posponed indefinately. I see this as an opportunity comprable to making linux distrobutions more graphicaly appealing. There should be a "no brainer" catagory. Inuitive functionality that allmost anyone can use. I'm also an advocate of letting people figure stuff out for them selves so by the time they know what there doing maybe they have also developed a sense of responsibility for what they are doing. However, a novice that runs into to many obstacals initially may be suseptable to developing a degree of learned helplessness not to mention frustration or intimidation. Turning on a computer and brousing the web should be a "no brainer" as well running a live cd or dvd. I would like to see microphone use, picture from camera, email, and send picture or vidio clip or sound clip fall into this catagory as well, saving to media wether burning a dvd/cd or any other storage device. These are timely concidering the Eee PC that is suposed to be anybodies, (old and young alike), first computer. It therefor needs basic features and functionality that are the essence of simplicity as with any feature that is expected to draw by appeal or to be applied by a novice. The opportunity that I mentioned at the begining of this article would be a chat box like this one that I will call sets. Set a is a file. It could be a lesson or a students name appended with ancelary info like test scores in different subjects. One then creats a set for student groups by creating or opening yet another set and draging names or linking a filter that selects students based upon test scores to the new group set. Now this group set can use a link to a filter that has assigments for that group. ( creat set "G" drag assignments to that set "G" and now for ever after group "G" students get those assignments. Students have a chat page or down load assignments as web interactive web pages that are auto graded if highly formated and that post the grade as well. They can also be linked to reasorses such as study material and practice tests and hw assignments.(no time to proof read thanks)


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