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standard document

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 18, 2007 10:28 PM
I would like to see an xml document somthing like this chat box that allows one to drag and drop any content. Besides the title bar there would be a blank tool bar that was and indirect refrence list that points to a library of functional utilities that in practice are draged and droped from the library to the tool bar. This is now a generic interface separating mechenism from policy. Regardless of content, it remains the job of a specific library program to ,(if stove pipe), interperate, transform, distribute, extract, process, compile demonstably apply some functional interpretation of the object. This has the following advantages. Data may be usfull in a variety of disimalar programs yet, can be used in one while other glue is being developed. A primary feature would be links and filters that can attach directly to the page. These linked filters would come from a lincense catagory in a library of functions. Once a licence filter was attached to a document, it would act like an enzyme allowing it to be linked only to compatable forms. Thus, students or practitioners of the art can apply a filter that may identify a remuneration protocall either direct ( fixed fee for access- like paying for a reasearch document that may cost any were from fractional cents per copy to thousands of dollars ) as well a link to a function that generates and distributes money from advertisments or listed free or is accessable on some other linked condition.


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