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Linspire 6: Two steps back

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 17, 2007 06:11 PM
The problem in my honest opinion is the freespire community branch. It seems that they are the ones pushing the distro away from the non-standard Linspire specific additions. I started using Linspire back when it was still Lindows and really enjoyed it as a Linux beginner. They made it so simple with CNR and with all of there bradning. I really liked that they set the menus to label programs for what they were for instead of the actual program names. i.e. Media Player or Instant Messenger instead of Xine or GAIM respectively. There was also something wonderful about the Linspire Desktop Manager (LDM) Whic if my understanding is correct has been being tossed out for another more standard and accepted Desktop Manager. The strength on Linspir has always been in it's branding and user friendly distinction. It's a shame to see it turning into just another clone of a distro. Making CNR run across distros is a nice idea, but the focus on that shouldn't be killing the rest of the features.


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