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Limitations of OOo Calc 2.3 vs MS Excel 2007

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 17, 2007 10:13 AM
Although it was interesting to read this comparison so far, I did not found anything being said on practical imitations of both programs. Excel used to be especially notorious for it's memory-limitations in previous versions and it's row-limit. This is clearly documented on the m$ website so I will post that here, if Calc can compete with the current limits, I may start using it. Especially number of rows, memory limit and calculation issues are important to me.

Increased Limits in Excel 2007:
* Grid: Maximum number of rows per worksheet, increased from 65,536 to over 1 million, and the number of columns from 256 (IV) to 16,384 (XFD).

* Memory: Usable memory for formulas and pivot caches is increased to 2 gigabytes (GB) from 1 GB in Microsoft Office Excel 2003, 128 megabytes (MB) in Microsoft Excel 2002, and 64 MB in Microsoft Excel 2000.

* Smart recalculation limits: The dependency limits that enable smart recalculation rather than full calculation are now limited only by available memory rather than 8,000 cells dependent on a single area and 64,000 areas having dependencies.

* Array formulas: Full column references are now allowed, and the limit on array formulas referring to another worksheet is increased from 65,000 to available memory.

* PivotTables: Maximum rows displayed in a PivotTable report is 1 million. Maximum columns displayed in a PivotTable report is 16,000. Maximum number of unique items within a single Pivot field is 1 million. Maximum number of fields visible in the Fields list is 16,000.

* Sorting: Levels increased from 3 to 64.

* AutoFilter Drop-down list length changed from 1,000 items to 10,000 items.

* Maximum formula length: Increased from 1,000 to 8,000.

* Formula nesting levels: Increased from 7 to 64.

* Arguments in a function: Increased from 30 to 255.

* Conditional formats per cell: Increased from 3 to available memory.

* Unique cell styles in a workbook: Increased from 4,000 to 64,000.

* Unique colors per workbook: Increased from 56 to 4.3 billion.

* Characters in a cell that can be displayed and printed: Increased to 32,000.


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