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Ontario LinuxFest makes an auspicious debut

Posted by: th80 on October 16, 2007 04:47 AM

I respectfully disagree with your assessment of Jody's talk on OOXML and ODF. I also attended the talk and I felt Jody's did not present a fair and balanced view of both formats.

A few of my favorite quotes...

"OOXML is not Satan's minion"

"they [OOXML] are often the victim of FUD"

I felt the talk was completely biased in favor of OOXML. Instead of simply describing the problem with each format in a neutral way, he continually attacked the ODF Technical Committee of the OASIS group and OpenOffice in general. OOXML was the victim of FUD and ODF supporters were attacking Microsoft because it was evil. Jody said he didn't like was he was seeing in the community. His observation about the ODF supporters mindset: "Microsoft is bad, how can we screw them over".

Another observation I made about the speaker was his general lack of respect for women. In several of his slides, he used photos of women to describe strengths and weaknesses of each format. One of his slides, towards the end, showed two noticeably thin women in skimpy clothing where he described both formats as "anorexic". And researchers wonder why there is a decline of female enrollments in Computer Science? I noticed several women attending the conference but I don't recall if they were in attendance of this talk. I'm sure they wouldn't have appreciated his demeaning metaphors. They had no place in a technical conversation.


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