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Slow Open / Save - problem might be ODF not the application suite

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 15, 2007 12:52 PM
I'm an heavy user of Excel, probably the only thing that ties me to Windows.
The first big no no I see on Calc is its slowliness when opening or saving large complex files.
Some take 2 or 3 seconds to open in Excel, whether in Calc (tried it in OOo 1.1 a few years ago) it took soooo long that I even forget what I was going to do.
More recently tried also Gnumeric and it was faster than OOo Calc, anyway much slower than Excel and Gnumeric is not yet very stable - lots of bugs.

I believe this is not a problem with the applications themselves but with the way they insist on using and parsing those dumb ODF formats which are not suited for the everyday business life. Can you imagine compiling an application every time you use it?
With ODF that's what's happening. Portability is not such an issue - and the proof is that even Calc and Gnumeric open Excel XLS files.


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