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Microsoft PowerPoint versus Impress

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 15, 2007 06:17 AM
How about Version 1.0 of impress/presentation (or whatever it is called) vs Version 2.0 ? Version 1.0 is a useable product, slower than PowerPoint but useable enough for me to not install Powerpoint under wine.

I have version 1.0 of impress on an older version of Linux and have been using it to look at some old PPTs. I have version 2.0 on an up-to-date Mepis-Ubuntu installation. Apearantly I had never used impress/presentation V2.0 before. Thought I'd test it out after a minor security update. First offf, the non-responsive presentation wizard comes up and appears to have non-functional buttons--or maybe it runs one fifth the speed of the V1.0 version . This by itself is enough to disqualify impress/presentation V2.0. The "existing file" loaded--- finally.

The main program comes up the first time with way too many small windows, and cluttered top and bottom with too many icons and tool bars. This leaves a too small main window. Some of the Xs to close these extraneous windows do not work. F5-slideshow has show-stopper problem.
"Open office requires a java runtime environemnt...The selected JRE is defective." The slideshow window shows this message everytime I hit the space bar to the next slide. It is displaying the slide. What's the problem. Why are you defacing my slides with this stupid error message? (Besides my brokerage supplies solfware that is 100% java, and it has no problem with the JRE.) There is nothing wrong with my JRE.

AS I see it, the main thing I can do with impress/presentation is slideshow existing PPT's. V 2.0 fail this most fundamental task. I never used the drawing tool in PowerPoint, so I don't care how good those tools are in impress/presentation. All I want it to do is show me my slides. V 1.0 of Impress or PowerPoint will both do this. Also, V2.0 does not display one of my slides that displayed in V 1.0.-- a PowerPoint generated slide.

I tried reinstallation and even down grading to a slightly earlier vesion--- no change.

As I see it, I can either try to install an older version of impress/presentation. Though, I doubt that I can do that without reverting all the other OpenOffice applications too. (The new spreadsheet is better, I'd like too keep it.) Or, I can install PowerPoint under wine. Meanwhile I can continue using Impress V1.0 on my older Linux installation. V2 Impress is not useable for the most fundamental functions on my ner Linux installation.


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