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Mandriva 2008.0 rocks

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 15, 2007 04:32 AM
I've been using Mandriva since Mandrake 7.0 and this one is giving me the most trouble. I spent money on this one too buy purchasing the powerpack. I've installed it on my Thinkpad R52e and my wireless stops working suddenly for no reason, reloading the drivers or network doesn't fix it. The boot up often hangs when the laptop is in battery mode. I've reverted back to 2007.1 (Spring) until I can figure out what's happening. I'm sad as I'm a bit of a fanboy but this one has a lot of issues with my laptop, which is odd as I"ve had 2005LE, 2006, 2007 and 2007.1 all installed on the same machine and 2008 has taken a backwards step although it even has laptop optimisation with a laptop kernel included.


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