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Re(1): Lessons learned from open source Xara's failure

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 14, 2007 03:09 PM
Are you kidding? You don't know what you are talking about when you say that Inkscape blows Xara away from the water. Let me explain you something that Xara has that Inkscape DOES NOT ... speeeeeeed. I'm a professional Illustrator with many years of experience and and an expert in many of the top applications including CorelDraw and Illustrator. I have used Freehand, Arts and Letters, Amiable Flexisign, Inskcape and Xara extensively. My favorite? Adobe Illustrator, why? Best combination of features, speed, stability, it's synergistic way of working with Photoshop and the fact that it is the industry standard in illustration. But Adobe is expensive and Inkscape and Xara are free. And yes bot programs are good and they both have good things going for them but do you know which of all this applications is the slowest in drawing to the screen? unfortunately Inkscape is and by far. Load or draw a semi complex drawing in Inkscape and you will start to see it become a turtle. I don't know what is wrong with it's code but it's painfully slow. Inkscape can't begin to touch complex drawings that I done in Adobe Illustrator because it slows down and badly. I think that Inkscape it's doing something wrong in the drawing to the screen department and something there needs serious rework and I don't know if optimization will solve the problem because it's very serious and they done some optimizations before and it's still slooooow. And where is Xara in all this? well, simply at the other end of the spectrum in speed. It's faster than ALL of them including the professionals and again by far. Try them and you will see what I mean. That's the one feature in which Xara excels above the others. It can run circles around Illustrator and don't even mention around Inkscape because they are at the opposite sides of the speed spectrum and in features it is not that far away from the pros and the commercial version it's still improving. No it's not that bad compared to Inkscape and even has a few things that Inkscape doesn't have. But it's speed.. ahhhhhh speed heaven of the illustrations programs. Don't compare Inkscape to it in speed because it wins hands down. Now, again I'm not saying that Inskcape is bad at all. I use it, and I use it because I can't afford Illustrator, I had it on my job but Inkscape needs serious speed improvements so it's able to handle complex drawings like CorelDraw or Illustrator does at least, or at least approach them. I believe that Xara it's a open source software that should be rescued because I believe that with a bit of work it can approach the quality of software like Illustrator but in the open source community. Too bad that what happened to it happened. Again I think that it should be rescued because letting it go like that it's a big loss for the open source community, period. If Xara and the open source community allow this project to die it will be a very big loss for every illustrator that can't afford to buy the big guns. I would like to see both of these programs Inkscape and Xara continue to evolve and grow.


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