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Mandriva 2008.0 rocks

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 14, 2007 10:41 AM

Bottom line: Mandriva 2008 is a remarkable piece of software for both beginners and advanced users. The 32 bit version is PERFECT!!!!! Everything just works on my three tested platforms. My review:..................................................................................... Well I've installed the 32 bit version on my pentium 4 at 3mhz and one gig memory desktop and my pentium M 1.7 laptop and I can say this 2008.0 works like it should. All the video plays right, LinDVD works great, enabling the backports allowed me to install the essential (for recording) streamripper (and streamtuner) and the 3d stuff (metisse or compiz take your choice) all work great. And the wireless 2200 card on my laptop (sony vgn-fs840/w) was automatically recognized. (For newbies it would be better if just a single click would enable new repositories (Mandriva should give newbies a two sentance discription of a depository and then - with just a click - allow users to enable all official sources and extra official sources (that might include Main32 Updates, Contrib Updates adn Non-free updates). Now on the 64 bit version, there's an occasional hicup - for instance LinDVD doesn't play sound but the video is OK - so I had to use smplayer or xmms or some other application. Totem also didn't work here but both applications worked under the 32 bit version (must be missing codecs needed to play dvds). (Am also using Sabayon 64 bit version and totem played the dvd properly there so that tells me the DVD codec (Libcvdss???) probably isn't properly installed on the 64 bit version of mandriva 2008.0) And when I was installing it wouldn't boot properly after I installed the xandros bootloader (so I can load multiple distros) I have installed both versions on my AMD 64 (2.5 mhz 2 GB) HP 3060n) with the 32 bit version as a back up for the 64 bit (just in case I need it). (A partial reinstall cleared that up - reinstall goes real quick when the system is already installed as long as you don't let the installer format your partition of course) I can say that the 64 bit system runs smoother and faster so that is my preferred platform. It's as if there's some small programs that still haven't been written for the 64 bit data path or incorporated into the 64 bit world to run in 32 bits of data.


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