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CDraw is an excuse; it' just too frickin huge

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 14, 2007 01:54 AM
Anyone who thinks the Xara folks dumped the source out there and
expected the community to magically make it work needs to go review
the dev chatter on the Xara mailing list. Fact is, Xara put in a lot
of work over many months into the porting effort all openly on the dev
list. While the CDraw issue is a real one, it's not a large component
of the entire system and there was/is an effort going on to
reimplement it. IMHO, the real reason why Xara hasn't attracted a lot
of developers from the open source community is that the project is
huge and scary to get into, and there's not even talk of continued
support by Xara. It's 1.6 million lines of flatly structured C++ GUI
code engineered, I assume, by a handful of developers over years. And
while there are some good docs on the xara site, it's just not enough
to get over the "zomg it's huge" barrier. So, from an outsiders
perspective, I can't fault Xara for pulling their guys from working
full time on the Linux port onto other projects after eight months.

From my perspective, we, the larger open source community, don't want
to work on Xara because the barrier to entry is too high. Now that
Xara has effectively pulled out, there's even less incentive to climb
that barrier.


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