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Office shootout: Calc vs. Microsoft Excel

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 13, 2007 05:19 AM
Bruce Byfield, dude, you missed the biggest weakness of Calc: The thing can't plot data worth sh**.

I am a pretty graphical guy, and I use data plots all the time. And I'm not talking about the whimpy business-type, powerpoint only bar charts (or their remarkably complicated cousins, the 3D bar-types), I'm talking about full data scatter charts, where numbers actually plot properly on X-Y coordinates, and where multiple and multiple ranges are plotted on the same chart. And the ranges come from all over the place, so there is never a neat single X-Y table that defines what goes on my plot, it's always a big table here, a small table there, and you need spaghetti plots to link all the data tables to the chart.

XL has this very neat feature where you cllick on the plot, then on a range on the plot, and then the cells that form that range are high-lighted on the spread-sheet itself. Oh, what's the big deal, you say, Calc does this. Yes, the HIGHLIGHTING ONLY. XL lets you drag and drop the highlighted ranges to change what you plot up with a few mouse-clicks. With Calc, you have to manually figure out which cells you must include in which ranges, and type them in.

Type them in?


But if you think this is nit-picking, consider this inexcusable blunder of Calc: If your tables are not the same length, you cant plot on the same chart. Sorry, this is where I have to checkout...

Calc is the main reason why I am using emulators on my linux PC - it is the last bastion of MS applications on my linux PC.

The OO team had a pretty long time to fix this (I've been using OO since 2002). Everytime a release comes out, I expect a fix. And everytime, i get disappointed.

Come on, OO team - make something nice out of Calc....


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