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About Team Core Assault and Deathball

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 12, 2007 06:34 PM
This is a very good review of the game, as well as a nice guide to get new players started. I just want to take the opportunity and go over a few of the other game modes the author didn't have an opportunity to play.

Team Core Assault involves heading into the opposing team's base and destroying their Spider Node. However, the Spider Node has a shield, and is invulnerable to attacks as long as the shield is up. In order to deactivate the shield, you need to turn off the three Power Nodes supplying energy to it (by simply walking over them). Once that's done, you can take down the Spider Node by shooting it until it blows up. However, if a member of the opposing team reactivates a Power Node (again, by simply stepping on it), the shield will come back up and you'll have to go back and deactivate the Power Node before you can wreak more havoc on the Spider Node.

Deathball is essentially AA's take on UT's Bombing Run. There's a ball in a central location, and both teams are trying to grab that ball and launch it into the opposing team's goal in order to get points. The ball carrier's weapon is replaced with a ball launcher, which makes them vulnerable to attack as long as they hold the ball (however, as soon as they pass it to another person, they can fire again). If the ball carrier drops the ball (either by being killed or by shooting it to nobody), they can't pick it up again until someone else grabs it and drops it.

Cattleprod is probably the most unique of the game modes. The goal of Cattleprod is to herd abducted cow-cyborgs (likely failed Martian experiments) to your team's goal. The cows are located in a central location. As soon as you get close to some, energy lassos shoot out and "rope" the cows, and they will then follow you wherever you go. Teamwork is essential, because the cows move slow, and they can be shot by the enemy (they immediately respawn back at the "cowpen"). So, while you try to herd the cattle, you're teammates have to provide cover fire as well as try to frustrate the other team's herding efforts. This isn't as boring as it sounds on paper, I just do a lousy job of explaining it. But hey, I dare you to find another FPS where one of the game modes actually involves cows!


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