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Re: Office shootout: Calc vs. Microsoft Excel

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 12, 2007 01:51 PM
In both Excel and Calc I allways found graphics possibilities to be poor. Someone remembered QuattroPro incredible graphic possibilities, especially when the graph was also manipulated in Presentation the Drawing/Presentation part of Corel's suite? So I kept QuattroPro's behavior and exported it in OOo. How? I do my main graphic in Calc (by the way, Calc 2.3 has a better graphic tool now) and when my graphic suits me, I copy it in Draw (OOo's drawing tool). I can then dissociate it's elements to do whatever I want. Export the final result in svg (for pdf) or wmf (if you're stuck with windows) to keep vectorial capabilities, or keep native draw's format for inclusion in any OOo's component (writer, calc, impress...).
Don't forget that every component of OOo's suite share a lot of functionnalities, use them! The file format (OpenDocument) is also a worth to mention!
Finally, you forgot to mention that PivotTable is protected by a patent, you can't use the name in another spreadsheet, explaining the choice of DataPilot in OOo.


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