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Two more items...

Posted by: NoCalDrummer on October 12, 2007 04:48 AM
Were it not for the fact that some of the keystrokes aren't the same (e.g Ctrl D does NOT "Copy Down") between Calc and Excel (at least older versions, so I'd HOPE they kept that in MSO2007), my boss probably wouldn't know the difference between Calc and Excel. But he touch-types (even faster than I do) and became frustrated when that "function" didn't work.

However, Calc can have MUCH larger formulae within a cell than Excel. I created a spreadsheet that used data from 12 months of timesheets (one for each month) to create a year-long total. Each page was identical in terms of layout, so once the formula was created for one person's month, I could replicate the formula and merely change a row number for each employee, then add that to the one for the previous, etc. The formula grew to be quite a lot of text, but OpenOffice's Calc handled it with no problem. Excel choked on it, so I had to create a separate page just for interim calculations, and break up the formula into three parts, which then got summed on the "totals" page. It was a pain to have to do, and I'm always afraid someone is going to unwittingly diddle the broken-up pieces which constitute the formulae.

So that's one in favor of Excel, one in favor of Calc. Considering it runs on Mac & Linux as well as Windows, I'd say that's a BIG plus for Calc, and I'll keep using it whenever possible.


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