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Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 11, 2007 09:47 PM
This idea may not be new or original I don't know. Many processes find increased success by way of a functional structure. Totum pole and carvings as comunication devices. Shovel vs. spoon and vice versa. Idea, a rule based organization structure. Many projects lack people able or willing to participate. They also are aided by an organizational infrastructure and supervisory or authorisation aspect. Could there be an ongoing project to create a generic organizational templet that could be applied to any project giving authouization or suggested recourse at various levels of persuit and accomplishment. (using rules instead of people) I presume many projects loose critical mass or become disjointed affecting continuity due to atrition. While a generic templet may be to ambitious working projects through documentation of meta data and general log of activities and a history of responses under verious conditions mite be formed into such a template. Smaller projects allong simmilar lines of larger distrobutions mite submit there project for a summery review every couple years for guidence from a more functional project.


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