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Installing Cinelerra on ALT isn't worth a lengthy article ;-P

Posted by: Michael Shigorin on October 10, 2007 08:47 PM
Wow, shame on Ubuntu Studio. On not-that-much-hyped-as-a-multimedia-distro <a href=>ALT Linux 4.0</a>, I just did apt-get install cinelerra and it was ready to go. And a ton of other worthy software too, including FFMPEG with WMV/AMR support, recent Kino and all. No need to muck around with extra repos and inter-repo package/soname differences.

BTW you can use sysctl(8) instead of echoing stuff around:

sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=0x7fffffff

in case you never understood the "permission error", cinelerra did recommend "echo ... > ..." [as root], and you did "sudo echo ... > ...". If smart people at canonical would actually care to explain you'd probably know that your form means "run sudo echo and redirect its output to a file" to shell (redirection is done by shell running as user), and cinelerra's means running sufficiently empowered shell to begin with.

sysctl is better since it has no such intricacies, and more: it has a config file, /etc/sysctl.conf, where this stuff can be fixated to get adjusted at boot.
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