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LOSER seat back system

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 09, 2007 02:47 PM
Sorry, but I just took a Delta flight to Las Vegas and, as supportive as I am for open source software and Linux generally, the in-flight system DID NOT WORK AT ALL. The crew tried several reboots, and the pilots did, as well, but the system continued to crash. There were no TV options, no Movie options, and when the system was up for brief periods, the only options that worked were SOME of the games and the normal music channels (jazz, classical,& rock). I was COMPLETELY dissatisfied, especially on such a long flight. All the customers were refunded their headset fee. This needs serious debugging. Worse, when the system rebooted, the "Redboot" copyright and program running lines were clearly visible on the screens, as was the Linux penguine -- so passengers no doubt saw the penguine and may in the future associate the bad experience with the brand. For the sake of future passengers, and the success of the brand among a broader populations, I hope this gets fixed soon.


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