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Kohei signed a JCA until he joined Novell

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 09, 2007 08:31 AM
According to Mathias Bauer, Kohei had signed a JCA for his Calc Solver but he withdrew it when he joined Novell. (

To quote:
"Kohei started to write his code some time ago and he signed the JCA. He knew that this was necessary and he didn't raise any personal objections against this fact. For several reasons the Calc team had some problems to integrate his code “as is” and admittedly and unfortunately many things went wrong in terms of cooperation and communication until finally the Calc team was ready to give Kohei the support he expected. But then Kohei became an employee of Novell and now suddenly “decided” not to contribute the code under the JCA. The Calc developers were completely alienated by this very strange move as the solver was a feature that was promised to users for OOo3.0 since quite some time. But they accepted that and voluntarily abstained from integrating the code that was already committed to the repository."

It appears to me that it is Novell who are causing the problems.


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