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Symantec asks G4L to stop infringing on Ghost name

Posted by: msetzerii on October 06, 2007 01:01 PM
Again, I didn't start the project, so had nothing to do with the name, but it has been using that name for almost 4 years that I can see from when it was created on freshmeat and sourceforge, and had its own web page somewhere before that. Just did a google search and "g4l ghost" results in over 41,000 hits. "Ghost and Norton" results in over 2,000,000. "Symantec and Ghost" results in over 600,000. Ghosting comes up with 575,000. "Ghost, image, disk" result in almost 350,000. Again not all matches are about diskcloning, but it shows a good relationship between the terms. I've had some messages on sourceforge, and some have commented on names that are more in line with what the program can do. It not actual a ghost for linux, since it can backup backup many more OS's than just Linux. So maybe something like disk image with linux. I'm still not clear on whether I can the formerly know as g4l, or have people going to the old site directed to the new site. With 41,000 links with g4l, it would make all those searches fail if something can not be done. Also, all the messages and comments and solutions from those sites would be lost as well. Sourceforge seems to be in some process of moving, but hopefully I will get something next week. At worst, the project might get shut down completely, and I wouldn't really be able to do anything till December in regards to setting a new one up, if it can not be migrated. Just too much going on with teaching classes and other work at the college.


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