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Dubious endorsement

Posted by: Starky on October 06, 2007 12:43 PM
As a longtime Linux user and enthusiast, I was pleased to see this system in use on a recent flight from Chengdu (China) to Amsterdam.

Unfortunately, I can't offer an unqualified endorsement, as the reason I recognized the use of Linux was that the system rebooted every few minutes, displaying the following message to every passenger as the system hung:

svgalib: Signal 4: Illegal instruction received.
svc: bad direction 1718580590, dropping request

Not to cavil at our generation's relative notions of luxury and necessity, but the passengers were, shall we say, distressed that their in-flight entertainment system was non-functional on a 10+ hour flight.

On the flight back, for the record, it performed flawlessly and was quite impressive.


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