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Re: I will have to agree with symantec

Posted by: msetzerii on October 06, 2007 06:53 AM
Just as a point of information. As Far as I know, the name has always been G4L, and is more directly linked to G4U. Which is Ghosting for Unix, and in a search it would come up as well as the word Ghost. It was also interesting that when looking at the page when the word ghost was included, google ads on the page would have one that was another companies backup program and it had Ghosting in the ad along with their web address, and also had ads for Free Norton Ghost. Now the ads still show up, but generally have different words. Personally, I think ghosting has become a generic term for disk imaging, but don't know how that would effect the word ghost, since ghosting is "to ghost". Finally, Ghost was not originally a word, but an acronym according to wikipedia. The name Ghost originated as an acronym for "General Hardware-Oriented System Transfer". So, hopefully the people at sourceforge will give me a clear path to take.


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